Mauritius Offshore Company

Mauritius Offshore Company Formation.

Mauritius is a growing international business centre located in the Indian Ocean. Over the past 20 years Mauritius has enjoyed unprecedented progress and socio-economic development and has emerged as a political stable democracy that welcomes foreign investors and businesses. Mauritius has become a credible jurisdiction for offshore company establishment offering a reliability and security to investors through its flexible regulatory framework.

The Mauritian Government actively encourages foreign investment and offshore activity through the Board of Investment. The government introduced wide ranging incentives to attract foreign investment and consolidation of the legal and fiscal framework has resulted in modern, user-friendly legislation that has contributed to the rise of Mauritius as a major offshore financial service centre. The government’s development strategy centres on foreign investment and due to this Mauritius has attracted thousands of offshore entities.

The credibility of Mauritius for offshore investments has been solidified by adherence to the new international requirements involving combating financial terrorism and money laundering. This has facilitated Mauritius to enjoy a reputation as a trustworthy, well regulated offshore centre with guaranteed confidentiality.