offshore Company Registration in Seychelles

Company Formation in Seychelles.

Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) is an ideal choice for those who plan to go in for consulting, own various types of real estate and/or intellectual property, or run an international business successfully.

Seychelles has won worldwide recognition as an international financial center exercising a specific policy to attract major investments, which consists in providing favorable terms for business owners, including international trade zone, trusts and international companies.

The corporate service sector offers a simple and quick registration procedure for IBCs – it takes 24 hours to incorporate a company and another 24 hours to complete the required set of documents, which includes apostille.

The banking sector represents a powerful and reliable financial instrument, which creates a basis for a long-term financial relationship.

The insurance service sector guarantees development and prosperity for your business.

Besides, what makes the Republic of Seychelles distinctive is relative immunity to administrative pressure from the USA and the European Union. Also, the Seychelles are on so-called "white list" as per OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) requirements, which gives Seychelles-based companies access to international markets.

Surprisingly, by 2007 the country became the third most popular market among persons willing to register an offshore. Faultless legislation and regulations allow investors to count on real governmental support. The value of the offshore sector built up in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 when the new legislation came into force. These changes have boosted the offshore segment and strengthened Seychelles reputation as a world-famous financial center.

International Business Companies (IBC) use a legal and well-organized business pattern, which has gained popularity and allows to launch a world-class offshore company. This is an excellent way for business owners to protect their assets and a great opportunity to implement an ideal tax planning strategy.

Corporate legislation for Seychelles Company.

The modern legislative system is based on IBC Act of 1994 (as amended). As per the law provision an offshore company (IBC) registered in Seychelles can be engaged in any business activity worldwide.

  • Type of Company used for International Business and Investments
  • IBC - International Business Company

Business Activities

Any activity allowed by IBC Act, 1994 (as amended), except for banking, insurance and trust activity or any other activity that can be prohibited by any current law of Seychelles.

Obligatory Requirements to IBC

IBC should have a Registered Office and Registered Agent in the Seychelles and cannot conduct business operation on the territory of Seychelles.


  • IBC is exempted from taxes on 100%.
  • Authorized Share Capital
  • There is no requirements to the size of authorized share capital.
  • Standard Authorized Share Capital is 100,000 USD divided into 100,000 shares of USD 1.00 each. There is no requirement for payment of share capital.