Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone

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Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was started in 1988 to provide flexibility and comfort to the Investor by giving 100% foreign ownership. Ajman is a growing as industrial & manufacturing city in United Arab Emirates. With affordable and cheap company incorporation fee and quick services delivery Ajman Free Zone become first choice for investor for company registration in UAE.

Advantages of Ajman Free Company

  • Ajman Free Zone allows 100% ownership for foreign establishment/company and foreign Investors individually.
  • Ajman Free Zone has wide range of facilities, like Business Center Package, Smart Office Package and Executive offices.
  • Ajman Free offer reasonable prices for license & other services.
  • Ajman Free Zone provides Easy transfer of capital and profits.
  • Ajman Free Zone Exemption from personal income tax.
  • Ajman Free Zone has Well-planed infrastructure, well connected with all emirates.
  • Ajman Free Zone offers One-stop counter for implementation all company registration and visa related services.
  • Ajman Free Zone has Fast and easy procedures, you can acquire a trade license within 24 - 48 hours maximum.

License Type in Ajman Free Zone.

Trading License

A Trading License can be divided in following, as per the number of activity you include in trading license.

  • Single Activity Trade license (One activity)
  • Two Activity Trade license (Two activities)
  • Three Activity Trade license (Three activities)
  • General Trading license (included all activity, except few comes in restricted category.)

Communicate with our Business Consultant to assist you better, Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

E-Commerce License

An E-commerce License in Ajman Free Zone allow Investor to setup and online store to sell it online, an e-commerce license may include products & services both.

  • Business Center Package : with no visa, will License Fee AED 18000
  • Smart office Package , with 2 Visa allowed, License Fee AED 28085 (Note : visa fee not included in license fee.)

Service License

a service license includes all services like saloon, consultancy, management and advertising etc.

Industrial License

Offshore License

Ajman Free Zone offer Offshore License and Internation Business company incorporation. an offshore license allow investor to get a license under ajman free Zone open bank account in UAE, and can use this license for intenational busienss transaction. To know more about Offshore Company Formation in UAE.

Ajman Free Zone License Cost Analysis

Activity Name
Business Center Package
Smart Office Package
Executive Office Package
Single Activity Trading License
AED 11,900
AED 21,950
AED 26K - AED 63K (As per offcie size.)
Two Activity Trading License
AED 13,200
AED 23,250
AED 28K - AED 63K (As per offcie size.)
Three Activity Trading License
AED 14,500
AED 24,550
AED 30K - AED 63K (As per offcie size.)
General Trading License
AED 18,000
AED 27,150
AED 32K - AED 68K (As per offcie size.)
E-Commerce License
AED 18,000
AED 28,085
Not specified
Service License
AED 14,500
AED 24,550

Additional Things to keep in mind:

  • With effect from 20th January, 2018 all companies are required to register for the E-Channel in order to apply for immigration related transactions. The Registration fees are AED 7210 out of which AED 5000 is a refundable deposit.
  • All Government fees mentioned on this page are according to the Ajman Free Zone and are Subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Executive Office Packages mostly depend on the size of the Office available. Bigger the Office space, higher will be the license cost.
  • The above License fees are excluding our services charges.
  • Our Fee for Providing Professional Service for Company formation in Ajman will be AED 5000. scope of our services are described below:
    • Diligently carry out all the necessary and required service to successfully obtain the Government Approvals for setting up the Company.
    • Arranging and submitting all the documents to the Dept. on behalf of the client.
    • Applying for the Establishment Card and E-Channel Software
    • Collecting license other document from Ajman Free Zone office on behalf of client.
    • Assisting the client for opening Bank Account in UAE.
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