Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

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Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was started in 1988. This Free Zone is growing as an industrial hub in the UAE. The Ajman Free Zone has a cheap company set up packages. Ajman Free Zone become the first choice for business owners for company formation in UAE.

Advantages of Ajman Free Zone Company Set up.

  1. Ajman Free Zone allows 100% foreign ownership.
  2. The AFZ does not require a Local Sponsor.
  3. It has a wide range of Amenities, like Business Center Package, Smart Office Package, and Executive offices.
  4. The Ajman Free has rational prices for license & other services
  5. This Free Zone provides Easy transfer of capital and profits.
  6. Ajman Free Zone company has zero income tax
  7. It has a well-planned and well connected with all emirates.
  8. Ajman Free Zone has single counter services.
  9. AFZ has Fast and easy procedures. and a trade license will be issued within 24 hours.

License Type in Ajman Free Zone.

Trading License

We have classified the license, activity includes in one license. A Trading License has divided in the following type.

  1. Single Activity Trade license.
  2. Two Activity Trade license.
  3. Three Activity Trade license.

General Trading license.

E-Commerce License in Ajman Free Zone.

An E-commerce License allows online trading of services or products online. Ajman Free Zone offers a special package for E-commerce business.

Business Center Package:  with no visa.
(License Fee AED 18000)

Smart office Package: with 2 Visa quota allowed.
(License Fee AED 28085 (Note: visa fee not included in the license fee.)
Service License

A Service License will enable professional service in Ajman Free Zone. There are many service activities available in Ajman Free Zone

Industrial License: 

Offshore License
An Offshore Company is also known as IBC Company. The IBC Company allows a business owner to get a license under Ajman Free Zone. This company can open a bank account in the UAE. This License can be used for Internation Business Purpose. This company can invest in other business and property. For more details about Offshore Company Formation.

Ajman Free Zone License Packages

Activity Name
Business Center Package
Smart Office Package
Executive Office Package
Single Activity Trading License
11,900 AED
21,950 AED
AED 26K – AED 63K (As per office size.)
Two Activity Trading License
13,200 AED
23,250 AED
AED 28K – AED 63K (As per office size.)
Three Activity Trading License
14,500 AED
24,550 AED
AED 30K – AED 63K (As per office size.)
General Trading License
18,000 AED
27,150 AED
AED 32K – AED 68K (As per office size.)
E-Commerce License
18,000 AED
28,085 AED
Not specified
Service License
AED 14,500
AED 24,550

Things to keep in mind:

  1.  All Free Zone companies need to register for E-Channel services. E-channel enables immigration services. The fees of e-channel are AED 7210. Which include a security deposit of AED 5000 and AED 2210 is the actual fee.
  2. The Government fees mentioned here are as per our best knowledge. we are not liable for any can arises at any time.
  3. Office Packages price depend on the size of the Office. Bigger the Office space, higher will be the license cost.
  4. The above fees do not include our services charges. However, all government fee is approximate.
  5. Our service charges include complete document processing for License formation.

The scope of our services are described below:

  • first of all, Briefing prior to company formation. First, explain the benefits of a free zone company. Second, the difference between the mainland and the free zone company. And finally, cost breakup to set up a Free Zone Company.
  • As you decide on company activity and license Package. Meanwhile, We can do the security clearance for all partners.
  • We prepare all documents and submit to Free Zone. Subsequently, we have to make the payment as well. After that, Within 2 Working Days Trade license will be ready to pick up.
  • Now you can start doing business in the UAE. Most importantly, Now you can open a Bank Account in the UAE.
  • Visa services for partner and employees visa, once the immigration car is ready.
  • Extra service charges apply. Further visa services required.

Now, if you are interested, In conclusion, please contact us. Get expert help with our team visit us. Another, way to contac us Call +971 4 271 9503.

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