Belize Offshore Company Registration

Belize was under British rule until it gets its independence in 1981. Belize has English as its Official language. Belize has independent growing private enterprise economy that is based primarily on export of petroleum and crude oil. In recent years Seychelles has grown as tourism destination for the people who love nature & Pease.

Belize touch its international borders from north side by Mexico, south border touches Guatemala, and on east borders lies on Caribbean Sea. Belize has mainland of about 290 km in length and 110 km wide.

Belize Offshore Company Formation is quite easy, hassle-free and affordable in compare to other offshore company formation.

Belize launched its International Financial Services (IFS) sector in 1990 with the introduction to the International Business Companies (IBC) Act that allows the international traders/Investors to incorporate or register a tax free company. This step was taken by Belize in an effort to diversify its economy.

Advantages of Belize IBC/Offshore Company

  • Belize offshore Company formation has a lot of benefits in compare with other offshore few of them describe as below:
  • 100% tax free on the profits earned from activities conducted outside Belize.
  • Belize Offshore License Registration can be done within hours.
  • It protects the privacy of the company owners and their assets.
  • The company shares can be denominated in any currency.
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