Belize Offshore Company Setup

Belize was under British rule until it gets its freedom in 1981. The official language of Belize is English. It has a Free growing economy. Belize has grown as a tourism hub. Therefore, it produces a huge chance for investment. We offer Belize Offshore Company Formation in Dubai.

Belize shares its global borders from the north side by Mexico. On other hands, south border touches Guatemala. While on east borders lies on the Caribbean Sea. The city of Belize has a land of about 290 km in length and 110 km wide.

The Offshore Company Formation in Belize is quite easy and hassle-free. Thus Belize offshore is the first choice for business owners.

Advantages of Belize IBC Company Setup

Belize offshore Company formation has a lot of benefits. Few of them described below.

  1. 100% tax-free on the profits earned from business conducted outside Belize.
  2. The Fastest License issue of Offshore company.
  3. It protects the privacy of the company owners and their assets.
  4. This offshore allows convert, company shares in any currency.

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