How to get a Food Truck License Dubai
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How to get a Food Truck License Dubai

Traditional business is changing rapidly, people looking for innovation in each field, Food truck is one of the ideas which attracting people in Dubai. A Food truck is a small kind of cafeteria, kitchen. A food Truck also know as a Food vending Stall. A Food Truck Business is not as simple as we think especially in Dubai is required to follow a certain procedure, required a clear and detailed business plan for your business.

How to Start a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

Food Truck Business required a trade license of cafeteria, kitchen or catering license. In addition to this Dubai DED assure your business qualify to specified food processing standards and do not compromise with public safety which is inspected by Dubai Municipality. Setting up a food truck license in Dubai is a complex process. It required approval from 4 concerning authorities as mentioned below:

  • The Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Dubai Municipality,
  • The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and
  • The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

Step-by-step Guide to Setup a food truck license in Dubai:

If you are planning to set up a new business or already have a restaurant or Kitchen license can get a food truck license in Dubai for a specific location. Therefore you can either prepare the food or can serve the readymade food items depending upon your business license activity.

  • The First step makes a proper business plan, like what you serve in your food, who will be your customer and how your business, add some value to the city.
  • Submit your business plan to the DED and Dubai Municipality for approval.
  • 2nd step, it required a certificate of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) kitchen layout for approval.
  • 3rd step, the layout of food truck designed by professional will be submitted to Dubai Municipality. In this, you have to specify the fire and safety instruction, kitchen layout with proper ventilation.
  • 4th step chooses a location; choosing an appropriate location where your food truck serves. Therefore choose the most suitable and potential location for your food truck business.
  • 5th step now the time to design the food truck but make sure the design as per the fit-out approved by the authorities.
  • 6th step and the final step are to getting a license issued for your food truck business.

In the above article, you might find it difficult to follow up and dealing with all departments. As a new investor who is not familiar with the location, process, and documentation. Now we can play a role which makes this whole process quite easy for you. We at Elegant Services offer License registration services in Dubai, and we take care whole process from beginning to end. Please consult our consultant for more details:


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