Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City is located in the Sharjah. It is also known as SHAMS Free Zone. Sharjah has to be known as the cultural capital of the UAE. Sharjah Media City Free Zone is an innovative media and creativity destination in the UAE. Thus, SHAMS become the primary choice for young business owner’s.

SHAMS Free Zone has a long term vision is to build a benchmark for entrepreneurs. This Free Zone focus on enhancing technology with a creative mindset. Therefore, it open doors for all nationality and language people. The SHAMS Free Zone adopts a vibrant ecosystem for innovation to live, learn and co-create.

We Elegant Services are the authorized Channel Partner of SHAMS Free Zone. Therefore, We act as a bridge between the Business Owner and the Free Zone. Company Formation in the UAE is our core business since 2009. We deal with most of the Free Zone. Our professional team will assure that each client will get the best information.

We provide complete business setup services to form a company under Sharjah Media City. We recommend that The SHAMS is one of the affordable and flexible Free Zone for Company registration.

Startup E-commerce Business with Freelancer Media Package

Sharjah Media City bring an unmatchable offer for individual entrepreneur to start e-commerce business in UAE. Freelance media license allows choosing any media activity:

Media Activities: E-commerce, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Events Organizing, Computer Programming & Consultancy, Media Production, Photography, Web portals, Printing, Market research, Graphics Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Publishing, Translation Services.

Startup E-commerce Business in SHAMS Free Zone

Shams Freelancer Media Package

License Cost
AED 5,750
AED 7,745
AED 7,745
Immigration Card
AED 1,575
E-channel Registration
AED 2,525
E-channel Deposit
Investor Visa
AED 3,675
AED 5,750
AED 7,745
AED 15,520

Promotion Details

  • The package is for media activities only.
  • This package can be availed for Zero visa & 1 Visa only with single shareholder.
  • E-channel deposit of AED 5000 is waived.
  • 2-year discount of 15%, 3-year discount of 20%- & 5-year discount of 30% applicable on reduced prices  
  • One activity with the license. Additional media activities only can be availed at a discounted rate of AED 1,000/- per activity.
  • External approvals are not included & subject to standard prices by the relevant authorities.
  • Renewal rate locked at above price for life of the company when renewing with same media activity.
  • Medical and Emirates ID are not included in investor visa cost given above and Status change inside country AED 997.50 will be extra payable.

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Sharjah Media City Free Zone License Packages

SHAMS License Package
Actual Price
Promotion Price
0 Visa Package
AED 11,500
AED 9,200
1 Visa Package
AED 16,775
AED 13,420
2 Visa Package
AED 18,375
AED 14,700
3 Visa Package
AED 19,975
AED 15,980
4 Visa Package
AED 21,575
AED 17,260
5 Visa Package
AED 23,175
AED 18,540
6 Visa Package
AED 24,775
AED 19,820

Promotion Details

  • Standard renewal rate will be applicable as indicated in the table for renewal.
  • E-channel deposit of AED 5000 is waived for new licenses with visa package.
  • 2-year discount of 20%, 3-year discount of 25%- & 5-year discount of 35% applicable.
  • Additional 2 activities can be availed with the package (total 3 activities).
  • External approvals are not included & subject to standard prices by the relevant authorities.
  • Immigration card AED 1575, Visa fees AED 3675 for 3 years and E-channel registration fee AED 2525 is charged extra for visa packages.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other new sales promotions

License Types

Shams License is a permit that allows a company to operate within Sharjah Media City (Shams) under specific business activities.

Service License

It allows for production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services. Service license includes rendering services as a primary objective and utilizing goods to provide them.

Trading License

Selling goods within Shams or importing and exporting of goods. It includes movement of goods, wholesale and retail sale of goods and rendering of services related to the sale of these goods.

Industrial License

It allows for production, re-production, transformation and manufacturing of goods.

Benefits of Sharjah Media City Free Zone.

  • Investor presence is not mandatory for company registration.
  • Low-cost business Startup packages.
  • SHAMS required 0 Paid up Share capital.
  • Sharjah Media City allows 100% foreign ownership. On other hands, UAE has No income tax and corporate tax.
  • This Free Zone have flexible visa packages.
  • All documentation issued in 2 days.