Social Media Influencer License in Dubai

Who can be a Social Media Influencer

A person who has good communication skills. A person who is able to engage more people through any social media platform can be a social media influencer. Who is more active on Social media? Who has a good fan following? The person who is loved by all fans. A person who knows marketing techniques. A person who can influence other is a Social Media Influencer.

How to get a Social Media Influencer License in Dubai

In the UAE it will be mandatory to register for a government-issued license for social media influencers making money from promoting brands and businesses.

On February 28, the National Media Council launched a new electronic media regulation system. Anyone involved in electronic media commercial activities will need to register and have a license before the end of June.

Penalties for failing to do so include fines up to Dh5,000, verbal or official warning, and/or closure of the website or account.

NMC director general Mansour Ibrahim Al Mansouri said:

The new regulations are part of the Council’s plan to promote and develop an advanced legislative and regulatory environment for the UAE media sector, keeping it up-to-speed with regards to all technological developments that have transformed media in recent times. Today, electronic media has become a highly influential and widespread tool; it is imperative that we enhance its reliability. Digital media is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Middle East, especially videos, games and e-books. Regulating this sector will attract new global investments, which, in turn, will improve its development and competitiveness.

Ahmad Bashour, general manager of ITP Live, one of the region’s largest social influencer agencies, said

This is great news for the influencer marketing industry here in the UAE, brands, agencies, platforms and professional influencers will only benefit from this positive step.

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