Social Media Influencer License in Dubai

Social Media Influencer License

Who can be a Social Media Influencer?

  • A person who has good communication skills.
  • A person who is able to engage more people through any social media platform.
  • Who is more active on Social media?
  • Who has a good fan following?
  • The person who is loved by his/her fans.
  • An individual who knows social marketing tricks.
  • A person who can influence others is a Social Media Influencer.

A person with any of the above thing can be a Social Media expert. To legalize the process the NMC approval is mandatory.

How to get a Social Media Influencer License.

The Social Media Influencer License will allow to do marketing on social media. The license is approved by The National Media Council. An individual can apply online to get a social media influencer license in the UAE.

On February 28, the National Media Council started a new electronic media regulation system. if you are involved in social media marketing. further, you have to register in the NMC as a social media influencer.

Penalties for failing to do so include fines up to Dh5,000, verbal or official warning, and/or closure of the website or account.

Ahmad Bashour, General manager of ITP Live.

One of the region’s largest social influencer agencies said

This is great news for the influencer marketing industry here in the UAE, brands, agencies, platforms and professional influencers will only benefit from this positive step.

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