Social Media Influencer License in UAE

Category One

An influencer can apply for an “individual license” if they want to remain an independent influencer. This license will cost Dhs15,000, and will require influencers to also have a separate trade license.

Category Two

The second option is a partnership license for small groups of influencers (typically of friends or family). This group of influencers can collectively come together and set up a company, before applying for the NMC’s special e-media license. The company will need to be registered and hold a trade license. The fee will be Dhs15,000.

Category Three

An influencer can sign up with one of the official influencer agencies, certified by the NMC such as ITP Live.

The agency will hold an aggregated license that will cover all of the influencers on their board. As long as an influencer is exclusively registered with an agency that is certified by the NMC, they will be able to continue operating within the UAE.

Influencers can only be signed up with one agency and all (paid) deals will need to go through the company.


Elegant Business Setup Services

Influencer Permit by RAKEZ FREE ZONE

  • Social Media Influencer Permit is for influencers or bloggers residing in the UAE.
  • Social Media Influencer Permit is not a trade licence, but a permit that entitles influencers and bloggers to advertise in their social media accounts in exchange for money without violating the UAE’s law.
  • No Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, or Partner List shall be issued under Social Media Influencer Permit.
  • Social Media Influencer Permit does not entitle for any visa eligibility.
  • No Immigration File shall be opened for Social Media Influencer Permit Social Media Influencers shall conduct business in their own personal name and shall not be entitled to open a corporate bank account.
  • NMC filters all applicants before the permit is issued.
Elegant Business Setup Services

Social Media Influencer Permit by Ajman Media City Free Zone

SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER PACKAGE is designed for Bloggers, social media influencers. With the new regulations in the UAE, that such individuals require a formal company to conduct the business AMC introduces SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER PACKAGE packages to suit requirements of individuals and entities that wish to engage in this business Social Media Influencer package is suitable for individuals that are product / brand promoters and influence their readers buying decisions.

The new regulations make it mandatory for individuals that use social media channels for promoting their clients products and services and in addition to having a formal company to conduct such activities, influencers need to have an approval from the National Media Council Ajman Media City has tied up with National Media council and will assist influencers in setting up of their company and obtain approvals for conducting their business as per the laws of the United Arab Emirates.