BVI Offshore Company Formation

BVI stands for British Virgin Island. The BVI maintains a clean name as an offshore entity. British Virgin Island offers Offshore Company formation. This offshore company has an advantage than other offshore entity. Most viable, it allows tax benefits to offshore companies.

A BVI Offshore Company can be set up with a day. While no need to visit the country for company formation.

Advantages of an Offshore Company Formation in BVI

  • Exemption from tax.
    A BVI Offshore Company is exempt from the income tax. In the same vein, do not apply to corporate tax.
  • Legal entity.
    A BVI Offshore Company has a separate legal entity.
  • Privacy Law.
    secrecy is one of the big benefit of BVI offshore. Thus, this BVI Offshore company has huge scope. The secrecy law protects a business owner information from the public domain.

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