IOR Services & E Commerce Fulfillment

We introduce to you our IOR (Import On Records)  & E-commerce fulfillment services in UAE. We are offering these services to international companies who are looking forward to selling their products in the UAE but don’t have an agent or distributor, who also not intended to open a new entity in UAE .  We know that finding an appropriate distributor and setting-up the company in a new market are costly, time-consuming and challenging.

We hereby provide a solution to all the above-mentioned challenges. They can be tackled easily by our IOR & E-commerce fulfillment services which offer complete solutions in terms of Licensing, Product Registration, Customs Clearance, Goods Transportation, Storage, Listing and Selling on Marketplaces and until delivery of the products to the buyer and receiving payments and remittance to you.

How it works

IOR SERVICES & E Commerce Fulfillment in Dubai