Family Visa Services in Dubai

A UAE Residence or Employment Visa Holder can sponsor his family; even a wife can sponsor her husband for a residence visa in UAE with additional requirements. We can help you to do complete PRO work for you on certain service charges.

Any individual who has a residence visa (employment visa/investor visa) can sponsor his/her family under his/her sponsorship. It required a minimum salary of AED 4000 per Month, along with company provided accommodation.

  1. Entry Permit Typing.
  2. After Entry Medical Typing & Proceed for a medical test.
  3. Emirates ID typing and fingerprint scanning are done at emirates id centre.
  4. Get medical insurance.
  5. Residence Visa typing & Stamping after approval

Who can sponsor his/her Family?

Expatriate residents, both employers and employees, may sponsor their families in the UAE provided they have a valid residency permit.

Male residents who are employed in the UAE can sponsor their immediate family members, such as wife and children, subject to conditions which include minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation.

Since March 2019, the type of profession is no longer a condition for an expatriate worker to be able to sponsor his family visas. The UAE government amended its previous provision under which only listed professions could apply for family sponsorship visa. Now, a foreign worker can bring over his family members to the UAE and sponsor their residence visas regardless of his profession as long as he maintains the ‘income criteria’ i. e. the minimum wage requirement, which is a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. Check with the relevant GDRFA for more information.

Sponsoring your wife and children Visa in Dubai

An expatriate resident may sponsor the residence visa for his wife and children if he fulfils the above mentioned sponsorship requirements set by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

To sponsor his wife, the expatriate resident must prove an existing marital relationship by submitting an authenticated marriage certificate in Arabic or duly translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

Sponsoring two wives

In strict cases, a Muslim resident may be allowed to sponsor his two wives, if he meets certain terms and conditions set by the respective GDRFA.

Sponsoring daughters

An expatriate resident can sponsor his daughter/s only if she/they is/are unmarried.

Sponsoring sons

A resident can sponsor his son/s only up to the age of 18. If after the age of 18, the son is studying in the UAE or abroad, he can be sponsored until the age of 21 on providing the proof that he is studying. However, for his residence visa to stay valid, he has to enter the UAE at least once every six months. The residence visa is granted on a yearly basis, renewable until the person finishes his education.

Woman sponsoring her family

A woman can sponsor her husband and children if she holds a residence permit stating that she is an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse or any other profession related to the medical sector and if her monthly salary is not less than AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation. She needs to provide additional documents as stipulated by the respective authority.

In Dubai, if a woman is not employed in one of these categories she may still get approval to sponsor her family if her monthly salary is more than AED 10,000 and with a special permission from the DNRD.

A single mother can sponsor her child. The authorities might ask for documents similar to those required to sponsor stepchildren.

Note: if the father of the family is residing in the UAE and meets the conditions for sponsoring his children, the mother is not allowed to sponsor them.

Required Documents for Family Visa in Dubai

The following documents are required to sponsor family visa in Dubai.

  • Sponsor valid Residence Visa, Emirates ID, Passport Copy, Photo
  • Family member Passport copy, clear Passport size Photo
  • MOFA Attested relationship certificate for wife it would be Marriage Certificate and for children it would be birth certificate.
  • Sponsor Labor Contract (MOHRE) in case of working in mainland company / Salary Certificate attested from Free zone authority in case of Free zone employed.
  • Residence proof home Ejari.
  • latest DEWA Bill copy in the name of sponsor.
  • last 3 Month Bank Statement.


All the information given above is just for information purpose, we do not claim or make commitment for every case. before proceeding family visa with us please consult with our team. or you can directly cordinate with GDRFA customer services