Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone: Your Launchpad for Success

Established in 2009, Meydan Free Zone is dedicated to fostering the success of startups and entrepreneurs. By providing world-class infrastructure, an unmatched business environment, and streamlined business setup procedures, Meydan Free Zone empowers your venture to thrive.

Why Choosing Meydan Free Zone – Dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai, Meydan Free Zone has become a top choice for businesses seeking a dynamic and efficient environment for registration and growth. Dubai itself has established a global reputation as a powerhouse of innovation, offering unparalleled ease of doing business. World-class infrastructure, well-connected ports, and major airlines ensure seamless connections to international markets. Dubai’s multicultural and open lifestyle further enhances its appeal, attracting millions of visitors each year.

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Meydan Free Zone offers a cost-effective business setup price plans along with 100% foreign ownership, zero taxation, open for all nationality for hiring foreign labor, high-speed internet connectivity.

Why Meydan Free Zone

  1. Amazing Business community: Located in the luxurious Meydan Hotel with views overlooking the world-famous Meydan Racecourse that hosts Dubai World Cup as well as The Track, Meydan Golf that attracts stars from across the globe.
  2. Startup Ready: Meydan free zone offer verity of business activities which cater a larger audience to startup with Meydan Free zone. All businesses operate under Limited Liability Company (LLC) licenses.
  3. Premium Located: Meydan free zone is located 15 minute away from Dubai international airport, hardly a minute away from Down Town Dubai and Burj Khalifa.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits of Dubai residence visa – while setting up business in Meydan Free zone you will be eligible to Dubai residence visa ( depending on your business license visa eligibility package) from Dubai which has several advantages, if you are choosing Dubai as your residence city.