Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

The main purpose of the Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai Municipality is consumer safety; this process requires adequate information to evaluate the safety of products. It is compulsory that, The cosmetic product will not be imported, exported, sold or distributed in Dubai without registration in Dubai Municipality regulation.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

Time needed: 22 days

How to register cosmetic products in Dubai Municipality?

  1. Obtain a Commercial License in the UAE.

    The First requirement for product registration in Dubai Municipality is to having a UAE based commercial trade license. This could be a mainland license or a Free zone license in any of the 7 emirates. Only important thing is the license should be valid and the business activity should similar to the products you want to register in Dubai Municipality.

  2. Register your company with DM Portal.

    in second step we have to create an online account in Dubai Municipality Portal and once this account is activated we have to request the products registration services as per the category of our products like it could be a food product, Cosmetic or Health Supplement etc.

  3. Create application for cosmetic product registration.

    Create online application in Montaji portal with required information of the product and upload the list of documents as per Dubai Municipality guideline.

  4. Submit the application and make payment

    Once all documents are uploaded and everything is set submit the application and make the payment and wait for the response.

Product registration cost in Dubai municipality

The cost of product registration in Dubai Municipality may depends on the category of the product we are registering. for example the fee for cosmetic product registration is AED 230 (Govt Fee).

The Registration Regulation in Dubai, UAE

The Dubai Government standardizes the manufacture, sale, and importation of cosmetic products by requiring that all cosmetic products be registered prior to placing in the Dubai market; as well as by regulating the individuals to get a proper license in Dubai related to cosmetics products.

Documents Required for Cosmetic Products Registration

  • Clear Picture of Product.
  • Clear Artwork of Product.
  • Free Sale Certificate.
  • Ingredients Report.  (list of a product’s ingredients)
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • GMP Certificate.
  • If any other supporting documents (e.g. Halal Certificate, Organic Certificate, etc.)

Label Requirements for Cosmetic Product Registration

It is mandatory to have a product label on product packaging. The information on the label is usually required to be in English. However, it can be bilingual or multi-lingual but the content should be exactly the same in all the languages.

The minimum label requirements on the label are

  • Product Name,
  • Brand Name
  • Ingredients information
  • Country of origin,
  • Storage conditions,
  • Declaring if any ingredients cause hypersensitivity or require special using instructions,
  • Instructions of usage
  • Production and expiration dates must be clearly mentioned
  • Product barcode, net weight or volume, nutritional information should be mentioned
  • Manufacturer Information

How We Can Assist You?

Our Cosmetic Product Registration specialist is responsible for reviewing, evaluating and ensuring that your Cosmetic product registration documents comply with the set of Dubai Municipality regulations. We understand the importance of achieving your product registration in UAE.

If you are looking for Cosmetic product registration in Dubai, Our Product Registration Team will assist you to complete the procedure and will guide you in preparing the required documentation. Our team will take over the complete process from start to end. Thus we assure you that we will provide you a hassle-free experience in Cosmetic product registration. We have a proven track record in Products Registration in Dubai Municipality.

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Where to apply for cosmetic product registration in Dubai Municipality?

Dubai Municipality allows cosmetic product registration through its portal name as montaji. Montaji is a dedicated platform designed for cosmetic and Personal care products registration.

Who can apply for cosmetic products registration in Dubai Municipality?

A company registered in the UAE with a valid trade license, and similar business activity can apply for cosmetic product registration with Dubai Municipality.

How much it cost cosmetic products registration in Dubai Municipality?

Dubai Municipality will charge AED 10 as an application fee and once the product is approved you can download approval certificate with an additional fee of AED 220.

How much time it will take to register a cosmetic product in Dubai Municipality?

The typical time requires for a product registration in Dubai municipality is 22 working days.

Is a laboratory test required for cosmetic product registration?

Once the application is submitted for assessment depending upon the ingredients and specification of the product DM may ask for a laboratory test for some products.