Company Liquidation Services in Dubai.

Elegant Services offer company liquidation services. Therefore, it includes mainland, Free zone, and offshore license closing. The company closing process needs to follow fix rules. Our team builds a process, to can reduce your legal issues.

Our Process reduces financial damages. During, the license closing in Dubai. We have an expert team for company closing. So, we handle it quite easily. Our team will take care of all issue related to company closing.

What Is Company Liquidation?

Shutting down a business is not as simple as it seems. But, We make it simple. The business owners must follow the procedure. Here, we come in the picture. Company closing is the process by which a company is brought to an end. The assets and property of the company are divided between all partners. Our expert team will help you to start the company closing.

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The Process:

  1. Cancel all employees if any.
  2. Appoint a closing agent.
  3. Pay the process starting fee.
  4. Advertisement in two local Arabic newspapers. After that, wait for 45 Days.
  5. Submit the final audit report.
  6. Final confirmation from all partner and closing agent.
  7. Cancel all partner visa.
  8. Wait for final approval. Once, get it to make the payment.

Mainland Company Shut down:

We at Elegant Services offer complete company liquidation services, we make sure each partner in the company has no remaining liability through company side. we follow a highly professional approach.

Free Zone Company closing:

Our Company shut down services include free zone company closing. We are connected with all major free zone. Thus, we can easily talk to the department if needed.

Offshore Company Wind up.

We follow the expert way to close an offshore company. we know how to deal with offshore authorities in UAE. It may be difficult for a person but for us, this is a process.



Company Liquidation Services in Dubai