Seychelles IBC Company Formation.

Seychelles IBC Company Formation fulfills all the demand of Investor who looking to register an IBC or offshore company to save tax in the international business transaction. It can be used as for via trading, local tax saving & commission purpose. The Registration of IBC Company is quite simple and easy. Seychelles IBC Company registry has great anonymity that is very important for investment purpose.

Benefits of Seychelles IBC Company:

  • Seychelles IBC Company allows 100% foreign ownership.
  • Seychelles IBC Company does not require Paid up capital to register an IBC Company.
  • International Business Company in Seychelles is 100% exempted from local taxation.
  • Standard Authorized Share Capital is USD 100,000 which will be divided into 100,000 shares of value USD 1.00 / share.

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