Freelancer License Dubai

Monday January 28, 2019

Freelancer License Dubai

Is it legal to work as Freelancer in UAE?

Yes, A Freelancer License Allow you to work in UAE as a freelancer. An individual person can obtain a freelancer License in Dubai. A freelancer license saves big investment to set up a new company. This license can be used to make an official invoice for his services. this license can be chosen from a list of Media, Web Designers, Digital marketers, and Content writers. and also has a list of Media Sector Activities

Where to register for Freelancer License in Dubai.

A Freelancer License can be obtained from Dubai Media City for Media related business activity and from Dubai Knowledge Park for Education related business activity.
A Freelancer License for Education, you may choose one activity and for Media, you can choose up to three activities, such as Photographer, Animator, Graphic Designer.

Please click here for the list of the activities.

During the application process, you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport /Visa Copy
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Sponsor’s NOC (if applying for a permit without a visa)
  • Portfolio or Sample of Work (media sector only)
  • Credentials and Certificates (education sector only)
  • Additional documents may be required


The fee for the freelance package is AED 7,500 per year (cash/cheque only), which is inclusive of the Freelancer Permit and access to the Business Center. If a visa is required, The axs center will help you through the process, simply and easily. Go Freelance!

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Freelance License Activity list.

Tech Sector Activities

Web, Mobile, Software Development and Architecture Freelancer A person providing services in desktop software development, E-commerce development, game development, mobile development, product management, Q&A testing, scripts and utilities, web development, web, and mobile design and software development.
IT and Telecommunication Networking Freelancer A person providing services in database administration, ERP/CRM software, information security, network and system administration, IT and networking.
Data Science and Analytics Freelancer A person providing services in A/B testing, data visualization, data extraction ETL, data mining and management, machine learning, quantitative analysis, data science, and analytics.
Customer Service Freelancer A person providing services in customer service, technical support, and related services.

Education Sector Activities

Education AdvisorAssists Higher Education providers, inside and outside the Free Zone, on various programs requirements, governmental collaborations and students’ admission, entrance procedures etc
eLearning Advisor An individual offering eLearning support and consultancy services
Executive Coaching Provide organizations with a structured system that identifies the highest standard coaching leaders, directors, and high potential senior executives to motivate and develop other employees’ knowledge and skill
Researcher To conduct research to serve educational institutions, students, faculties, Human Resource Management fields and other participants in the education industry
Trainer An individual providing training to professionals in the areas of IT, Media, Business and Management, Logistics, Languages and associated areas

Freelancer License in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

SHAMS Free Zone is one of the best free zone for small business startup and low cost business setup in UAE. SHAMS Freelance Package with 1 investor visa can be a good choice to startup your dream journey in the UAE.

  • Freelancer Package with zero visa & lease agreement AED 7745.
  • Freelancer Package with one visa AED 15,520 (Multiple Shareholder allowed with mix of 3 activities of Trading, Media, Services and Consultancy).

Freelance License in RAKEZ FREE ZONE

RAKEZ Freelancer package are good choice but for latest offer contact our sales team for current ongoing offer.

RAKEZ License PackagePromotional Price
Freelance Permit For Men with Zero Visa eligibilityAED 6000 + AED 100
Freelance Permit For Men with One Visa eligibility- 1 YearAED 6535 + AED 100
Freelance Permit For Women with Zero Visa eligibility AED 3600 + AED 100
Freelance Permit For Women with One Visa eligibility – 1 YearAED 3921 + AED 100