How to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Wednesday June 10, 2020

How to start a Cleaning Company in Dubai

A cleaning services business is a comes under regular and quality control services, everyday you have to precise in quality of work. while it comes to Dubai, UAE. Third party cleaning services is quite common to have a cleaning services in residential and commercial spaces.
People do not want to hire a full time employee for cleaning work in home and offices. Thus professional cleaning services comes into role and provide cleaning services on daily, weekly, monthly or annually contract basis.

The Scope of the Cleaning Industry in UAE

As the name suggests, the cleaning industry is driven by one main goal, that is, to keep people’s spaces clean. It can be divided into three main categories that include;

  1. Commercial cleaning — mainly deals with janitorial services offered for factories, warehouses, retails and such commercial outlets.
  2. Residential cleaning — these cleaning services are mainly for homes and residential apartments.
  3. Special cleaning — includes special services like Dry cleaning, etc.

Challenges in Cleaning Business

The cleaning industry is quite profitable and rewarding for successful enterprises, but this does not mean all companies have it the easy way. It is a general claim that cleaning companies lose up to half of their customer base each year and while this might be the case for some, it does not apply to all. Reputable companies that provide real value to clients will always realize a level of profitability in the business.

Cleaning Company Registration in UAE

Company Registration in UAE is quite easy nowadays. We can mainly classify the company formation by their registration authority. First is Mainland Company Formation and second one is Free Zone Company Formation.

But as a Business Setup consultant, we suggest if you are starting up a new company you should go with a mainland company in the emirates you are focusing on your services. A Mainland Company has more flexibility to do business all across the UAE, While A Free Zone Company has some restrictions in terms of a number of visas allocated and getting your office location. for more details on how to register a mainland company in Dubai please read Mainland Company Formation article.

Business Activity for Cleaning Company in Dubai.

Activity  Code Activity Activity Group
900002 Streets Cleaning Services Sewage and cleaning services
900005 Sea & Shore Cleaning Services Sewage and cleaning services
749301 Building Cleaning Services Cleaning services
749301 Building Cleaning Services Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services
930103 Dry Cleaning Services Laundry
749305 Aircraft Cleaning Services Cleaning services
749306 Tanks, Containers & Crates Cleaning Services Cleaning services
749307 Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services Cleaning services
749308 Yacht Cleaning Services Cleaning services
749309 Airport Runways Cleaning Services Cleaning services

Note: These activity details are taken from Dubai Economy Website, these details can be changes any time, may ask for additional approval or can stop at any instant without prior notice. We just share this article to give a basic idea about how to start a cleaning company in Dubai.