General Trading License in Dubai

Saturday May 18, 2019

How to Get a General Trading License in Dubai

A General Trading License in Dubai, UAE can fulfil the complete requirement of a trading house. A general trading license covers all kind of trading under one license.  Like if you want to do garment trading it is better to go for a normal trading license. if you want multiple kinds of products, for example, Garment, food products and cosmetics and many more a general trading license will be best for you.

Business Setup in Dubai is quite easy and affordable nowadays.  The Dubai Economy Department makes it easy to start a General Trading License in Dubai with a day. Yes, there is an option to start a company within 5 minutes. While this may need a bit extra cost, but it is the quickest option.

Scope Of General Trading License.

Through this activity, all kinds of commercial activities that do not require the approval of other bodies can be done in the same place. It doesn’t include activities that require approvals from external bodies such as jewellery, magazines and newspapers trade. 

The general trading activity can include all kinds of direct commercial activities if approved by the concerned bodies. For instance, it can include telecommunications trade activity if approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.


  • 100% Free from Corporate Tax and Income Tax.
  • General Trading License combines multiple products trading in one license.
  • Can be used to do local trading in UAE.
  • It can be used as import Export Company for international destinations.
  • Get unlimited number of Employees Visa, under your company sponsorship.
  • Hassle-free legal procedure to obtain the license
  • Low import duty
  • Provision for local and international trading
  • An audit for the company is not mandatory

Process to Setup a General Trading License.

A general trading license registration is also similar to a normal trading license. We are discussing all the steps in short. Well, step one and two should be completed before starting up the company registration.

  1. Choose a Local Partner – You need a local national having a 51% share in your company, while 49% share can be divided into all expat partners. How to find a Trusted Local Partner in UAE
  2. Choose an office/shop or warehouse location for your business.
  3. Trade Name Booking
  4. Agreement typing and notarization.
  5. Pay Trade License Fee and get the Company Trade license from DED.
  6. Immigration Establishment card – this card will be used to obtain immigration-related services under your company.
  7. Ministry of Labour Establishment Card – This card will be used for MOL services for company employees.

Cost Analysis

The cost to set up General Trading license in Dubai Because Dubai Mainland Company Formation gives maximum freedom to do business across the UAE.

  • DED License issuing Fee AED 25000 {AED 10,000 + AED 15000 (One Time Fee)}
  • Document Preparation Fee AED 3000
  • Immigration Establishment Card Fee AED 960 Per 3 year.
  • Ministry of Labour Establishment Card Fee AED 2500 One Time fee.
  • Local partner / Sponsorship Fee AED 12000 Annual.
  • Office/Shop/Warehouse rent.
  • Visa Cost Partner Visa AED 2000 Outside country and AED 3500 Inside Country.
  • Visa Cost Employee AED 7500 Approximate.