Set Up a Branch in UAE

Monday January 28, 2019

Set Up a Branch in UAE

A Branch office is an extension of existing Local Company, Free Zone Company or a Foreign Company formed outside the UAE. Set Up a Branch in UAE is quite easy with Elegant Business Setup Services

Branch office for an existing Foreign Company can be set up in UAE, The process of company registration for a Branch office of International Company is a bit different. We also try to evaluate the basic costing for license registration in UAE.

A Branch Office can have 100% foreign ownership with a local service agent is appointed to represents the company in Government departments and does not have any involvement in its operations.  This service agent will take a certain amount as his services charges to act as a legal service agency.

What is the mean of a Foreign Company?

A foreign Company can describe as a company registered out site the UAE, anywhere in the world known as a foreign company in UAE.

Setup a Branch Office of Foreign Company in UAE.

A Foreign Company can set up a Branch office in UAE, also known as a representative office. It requires special approval from the ministry of economy, and after the normal company registration process to be followed, as per the business category and company structure.

In general, A Branch having the same business activity as of its the parent company (Foreign Company). In real words, a branch office is just an extension of an existing business. A branch office doesn’t have a separate legal identity from its parent company (Foreign Company).  While the branch offices are permitted to do business in the local UAE market.

How to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai

The Branch office registration in Dubai has to follow the given process and guideline.

  1. fins a trusted Local Service Agent.
  2. Trade Name Reservation & Initial Approval from The Department of Economic Development (DED).
  3. Approval from the Ministry of Economy follows the link to make Online Application.
  4. Agreement Typing & Notarization from the court.
  5. Trade License Payment & Issuance.
  6. Company Immigration Card Application.
  7. Company Labour Card Application.

To know more in detailed follow the guide to Starting a business in Dubai.

How we can help you with this?

Elegant Services is a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai; we can provide you complete assistance and document clearing services to set up a branch office or representative office in UAE. with our company formation services, we take care of the whole process from day 1 to get your Trade License in your hand.  For more details, you can contact us.


This article has written to understand the basic difference of a Branch Company Registration in UAE, it also explains the process to be followed and business activity and company structure for a branch company formation in UAE.


This article is written for information purpose. Any rule or fees may change at any instant, we will not be responsible for any change occurs in the process, fees or regulation in future.