Renew your Trade License through Monthly Installment

Monday January 28, 2019

Renew your Trade License through Monthly Installment

The Aafaq Islamic finance brings a new option for Dubai Mainland companies to renew the license with installment. So now the companies can pay the Trade License fee into monthly installments. The announcement has been made to make it easy to renew the trade license on time and paying the trade license fee in easy monthly installment. A number of companies find this move quite helpful. Trade license renewal required a bundle of expenses like Trade License Renewal Fee, Office tenancy agreement renewal at the same time. this initiative will be really great for companies who want to Renew your Trade License through Monthly Installment.

For more details please visit nearest Aafaq Center

The new package allows for the payment of license renewal fees and accumulated fines through convenient installments within 12 months. DED is extending the facility in cooperation with its strategic partner Aafaq Islamic Finance and a number of local banks. Business owners can approach any of the DED service centers throughout Dubai or visit the DED website for more details on the


How to apply for monthly installment:

This process is done through the AAFAQ the Islamic finance company, and the following process quite simple, we have described the process in steps:

  1. Get the Payment voucher from DED to renew the Trade license.
  2. Fill up a form Aafaq Tasaheel TL Finance Form, available at Aafaq counters.
  3. Attach all the partner’s Passport copy and Emirates ID Copy with the company stamp.
  4. Submit all documents at The Aafaq counter they will review your application. They Aafaq team will contact you back if your application is approved for a monthly installment.

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